Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a Book!

No matter what people say, there’s nothing like a good book. With the electronic craze of today, kids look on in awe at the latest kindle, ipad, television, smart phone or social networking site. In this wonderful new children’s book, Monkey reminds his friend that sometimes there’s nothing quite like a good book. Books don’t have wi-fi or tweet but they can take you on wonderful adventures. A great way to get kids involved in a discussion about the importance of books and literature “It’s a Book” is bound to cause a stir.

With wonderful illustrations and catchy phrases, this book is sure to be a hit, especially with it’s controversial closing line. With cunning play on words, Lane Smith has created a colorful ending to his highly entertaining book. Whether or not you plan on reading it to your youngster or not, it’s worth flipping through one the next time you go to a Borders or Barnes & Noble.

Also, check out some other great books by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith such as “Math Curse” and “Time Warp Trio”, these books are sure to delight!

Happy Reading!

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