Monday, August 16, 2010

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter: Section 1

So I just finished reading section 1. Wow. I had read the back cover but wasn’t entirely certain what the book was about. Just this first section brings to light several controversial factors that are very telling about our society today. Down Syndrome is a relatively common condition that occurs in our society, I know a boy growing up that had it. While these individuals tend to have lower capabilities they are by no means unable to perform day-to-day tasks and they often bring great joy to those who know them. As a doctor, I felt that David should have understood the limitations yet also the joys of having twins even though one had Down syndrome.

What was most shocking to me, however, was the number of opportunities both Caroline and David had to make things right. When David first brought Caroline the baby and told her to send it to the home, why does she agree? because she has no choice? Clearly not. Perhaps she still harbors strong feelings for him, but that’s no reason to cover up a child like that. When he comes to her apartment why doesn’t she do something then? She never calls the authorities nor does she attempt to make him reconsider his actions. I have to take into account that this is taking place in the 1960’s but I can’t get the thought from my mind, how often does something similar happen today?

I’m anxious to begin reading section 2 to see what Caroline does and how David and Norah cope with their loss. I think that Caroline is going to find that there is just as much joy in raising a child with Down syndrome as there is with raising a normal child.

Happy Reading!

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